So You’ve Started a Nonprofit, NOW WHAT? The Develofund team is here with one purpose…to help you do more with your nonprofit! We ♥ Nonprofits! We support the start-up, development, and sustainability of new businesses. Whether you are just thinking about how to start a nonprofit, are successfully winning 100K grants or are seeking sources of business credit, we have the tools you need to develop and do more!

Stop stressing yourself about how to get it all done on your own. We are here to be your extra set of hands so that you can focus on what’s most important…your calling. Some of our clients help Veterans in need. Others provide rental assistance, another provides meals, and we’ve worked with a nonprofit providing hairdos to those in need. Now it’s your turn. Let us help you do more! Share #DoMoreFor on FaceBook with the story of why you started your nonprofit and you will be entered into our quarterly drawing for FREE GRANT WRITING***