Terms and Conditions

I. Intellectual Property & Disclosure of Information

  1. Intellectual property licensing provisions are used where Develofund and its Partner are exchanging the right to use intellectual property in furtherance of Development and Fundraising Agreement goals as well as Develofund Marketing. Intellectual Property provisions address (1) the use of proprietary marks, logos, and taglines, (2) the right to link websites, or (3) the use and disposition of materials created during partnership. Permission from you the partner is granted to Develofund for the duration of this contract after contract is ended, upon your written notice these terms shall dissolve.

2. On the basis of mutual trust with our customers, will never share your private information with third parties outside of what is required in furtherance of this contract. Develofund, its logo, services, and content are registered and service marked. Therefore, copying, sharing or otherwise delivering information obtained from this contract to other parties (people or companies) except for your staff and volunteers, not included in this contract or approved by Develofund or its attorneys is forbidden. This includes your username and passwords to this site, virtual meetings, & in person meetings, handouts bearing our logo. Disclosure should not occur unless such an act would be considered necessary or required to comply with the law or to protect or defend the rights or property of yourself or Develofund, or:- To comply with any applicable law or regulation or any legal process or governmental request.

– Implementation of the applicable Terms of Service including investigation of potential violations thereof.
– The discovery of the problems of fraud, security or technical issues, or to prevent or address them in any other way.
– Protection from any harm to the rights , property or safety of the site or its users or the public as required or permitted by international law.

II. Waiver

You do not have the right to establish a suit against Develofund nor should a claim for compensation for any damage or loss be incurred as a result of improper use of information or violation of the terms displayed on this website. Develofund reserves the right to make any changes to the site and its shape and all of its contents at any time and without notice.

III. Responsibilities and Understandings of Parties

a. Develofund and the Partner (You) agree to –

  1. Work actively and collaboratively to ensure that all requirements are met in the implementation and administration of this Agreement.
  2. Work together in good faith to resolve differences at organizational level or through arbitration prior to elevating matters within the Partner’s organization, or appealing elsewhere.
  3. Participate in regular (2-3x monthly) virtual meetings to foster close cooperation on Agreement implementation.
  4. Work in good faith to execute additional agreements and sub-agreements that are necessary to meet the mutual objectives of the parties.
  5. Make timely decisions on matters necessary for proper implementation and administration of this Fundraising Agreement.

b. You Agree to –

  1. Complete the board member certification.
  2. Expend ​ no less than 80% of non-restricted donations on programs.
  3. Pay any fundraising consultants or staff, if compensated, only a salary or flat fee as opposed to a commission for funds raised.
  4. Submit all proposed third-party agreements that relate to the non-profit to Develofund for review during the duration of this contract.
  5. Remain fully qualified to seek and receive philanthropic contributions ( tax deductible) under state and federal law during the term of this Fundraising Agreement.
  6. Not use funds or in-kind goods or services obtained pursuant to this Fundraising Agreement, nor its relationship with Develofund to benefit third-parties, including third-parties that are affiliated with the non-profit
  7. Ensure that all funds and in-kind goods and services obtained in association with the Fundraising Agreement shall solely benefit programs, unless otherwise agreed to in writing in this Agreement or at the time of the expenditure.
  8. Review the contributions of donors to ensure they do not give rise to an appearance of loss of integrity or impartiality, or otherwise reduce public confidence in the Partner or Develofund.
  9. Put forth reasonable effort to adhere to strategy & time-frames

b. Update your information

Keep your contact information up to date. You can correct, update, or amend any information provided to us or a governmental entity by emailing info@develofund.com or by calling our technical support team at (833) 501-FUND (3863) ext. 4 If you call after normal business hours you will be contacted within 48 hours.

Thank you for allowing us to be your non-profit servicer!